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4th Grade

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Our fourth graders are working very hard!  We  appreciate support from parents at home.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Thank you to those of you who joined in on class dojo!  Please continue to check your student's daily homework planners in which they should record the day's homework assignments.  Always look for their Homework folders each day, except Fridays!  They should also bring home a library book every night to read  as often as they can.

Class Schedule                                                                                          

Target Reading, Drops in the Bucket, small group intervention, independent reading
Reading/Language/Writing/Literacy Centers

Recess/Restroom break
Smart Time
Special Subjects: Art, Music, Computer Lab, and P.E. on rotating days
I am available for conferences at this time if there are no planned meetings.
Please note that Wednesdays at this time are set aside for team planning/meetings.
Social Studies

Upcoming Dates to Remember
Nov. 1 qnd 2 Tutoring
Nov. 4 Monthly Motivational
Nov. 8 and 9 Tutoring
Nov. 14 Generation Texas Week
Nov. 15 Reading Common Assessment
Nov. 16 Progress Reports
Nov. 17 Math Common Assessment
Nov. 21-25 Thanksgiving Holidays
Dec. 8 Polar Express
Dec. 9 Science Checkpoint
Dec. 10 Kiwanas Parade
Dec. 12 Social Studies Checkpoint
Dec. 14 Fourth Grade Play
Dec. 16 Early Release Day
Dec. 19-30 Winter Break

Upcoming Benchmark Dates
Nov. 3 Writing Benchmark
Dec. 6 Math Benchmark
Dec. 7 Reading Benchmark

Writing March 28th
Math May 8th
Reading May 9th

Homework Assignments  page numbers and specific instructions should be recorded daily in your child's student planner; we consider homework to be nonnegotiable, unless there is a logical reason for not being able to complete it;Your signature is required daily in the homework planner. Thank you!

Monday:  Study the new Unit Spelling words (list in Spelling notebook); use the first 5 words in a sentence in     
              Spelling notebook
                Complete the assigned Math worksheet
                Study basic Math facts
                Read independently or to someone
Tuesday: Study Spelling Words; write sentences with the next 5 words in Spelling notebook
                Complete the assigned Math worksheet
                Study basic Math facts
                Read independently or to someone
Wednesday: Study Spelling words; use the next 5 words in a sentence in Spelling notebook
                Complete the assigned Math worksheet
                Study basic Math facts
                Read independently or to someone
Thursday: study Spelling words and word wall words to prepare for Edit and Revise test; write the last 5 words in a sentence
             in Spelling notebook
                Complete the assigned Math worksheet
                Study basic Math facts
                Read independently or to someone

Occasionally, we will assign Language, Writing, or Reading Homework: If so, it should be recorded in your child's daily planner.  We do not normally assign written homework over the weekend.  However, as the STAAR test gets nearer, that might be an option. Please sign the weekly conduct grade in their planner every Wednesday and initial the assignments stapled together in the Parent section and return them to the folder. Leave the stapled papers attached so that we can use them to reteach and keep the rest of that week's work.  We are always available if you would like a conference.  We welcome your questions and concerns.  We will continue to schedule a first semester conference and later a second semester conference.  Our conference period is 1:15-2:00.  Let's continue to have a successful year!




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For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator:
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